Bug-fix and balancing update

Hey there, I've updated The Communist Dogifesto to fix several bugs and issues, thanks to excellent testing and feedback from you all.

The first and least significant change is that the source code is now packaged alongside the game, rather than being in a separate download.

Now here are all the changes that have been made to the game itself:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when attempting to recycle an item while not at a recycler
  • Fixed a bug in the save-game screen which prevented clicking on "New Save" when there were no existing saves yet
  • Fixed a bug which caused pressing reload while already reloading to restart the reload process
  • Fixed an audio bug which caused some clicking artifacts in some ambient sounds
  • Fixed some ambiguities and grammatical errors in several datapads
  • Made freeze plazma work on the Great Banes

Gameplay changes:

  • Made the shotgun and machine gun slightly more powerful
  • Tweaked some physics parameters to make jumping onto adjacent ledges much easier (no longer have to get a running start to jump onto a ledge)
  • Moved/re-worked ambient sounds in several locations to be a bit more atmospheric
  • Tweaked enemy placements and some level architecture in the power station and cargo hold to make it a bit more fun and interesting
  • Re-balanced recycler schematics, and placed a few more raw material items, to make it less likely to run out of first aid kits (and all the necessary materials) in an average game.
  • Increased the range and effectiveness of the Defense Field upgrade, and made it not work through walls
  • Decreased the range of the first level of the Bot Hack upgrade, and made its description note that the second level increases the range (thus letting the player know before installing it that it has limited range)
  • Made the Healing upgrade passive even at the first level to eliminate boring health grinding behavior


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Jan 11, 2018

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